Best Diaper Bags: Best Review List (2019)

Best Diaper Bags

Need a list of the best diaper bags? Or need a great diaper bag to fit all your baby stuff in?

Then you are at the right place…

We’ll show you the (FIRST) best diaper bag overall, the best for twins, and other bags for other uses whatsoever.

Here’s a short digest of this article as a whole.

Best Diaper Bags overall: The Skip Hop Grand Central

skip hop grand central diaper bag

The skip hop grand central diaper bag has a unique New York design, with black and white strips. It has lots of pockets too.

  • 2 large front pockets(2).
  • 2 extra-wide insulated pockets on the sides(2).
  • 1 huge pocket on the back(1).
  • 2 buttoned pockets behind the front and back pockets(2).
  • 1 enormous middle pocket for diapers and other things(1).
  • 2 very small pockets in the front buttoned pocket(2).
  • 1 small pocket in the back buttoned pocket(1).

This diaper bag is also built for anything happening. Going for a long drive? This diaper bag can carry everything you’ll need.

This makes this bag the best diaper bag for toddler and newborns because you can carry everything in one place, one bag I should say.

Also, what makes this diaper bag extremely unique is how it puts functionality and quality together with the design. Unlike the Maman Nappy, which would look weird on a woman because of its size, this one still has lots of space and would still look good on a short-medium lady.

But looking on the outside, this diaper bag has black and white stripes, shows a classy New York style, has light brown leather, and has silver hardware.

Combination of Style and Functionality.
It’s big, well-made, and has lots of pockets.
Front pockets are zippered.
Side pockets big enough for the widest bottles.
Large inside and it is organized.
Inside is easy to clean and long with the entire diaper bag.
Expensive – could come around $75.

Best Diaper Bag for Twins

For those who are expecting or already have twins or two babies, you need to consider a diaper bag that can hold things for each of them.

Skip Hop Duo Double

Skip Hop Dou Double

There are some pretty nice features that go into this diaper bag.

According to the manufacturer, this is the only diaper bag that can go with a side-by-side stroller.

It has 16 pockets, a personal pocket, bottle pockets, and a lot more you can explore yourself. It can attach nicely to a double stroller and shuts with magnetic closures around the bag.

It weighs almost nothing at 2.5 pounds, which could increase when you add things to it.

Dad wearing the skip hop duo double diaper bag.

Another great addon is that this diaper bag is a unisex diaper bag.

So both mother and father can enjoy this diaper bag, on and off the stroller.

This bag does not convert to a backpack though.

Has 16 pockets.
Both a father and a mother can wear it.
Lightweight and can attach to a double side-by-side stroller.
Can’t convert to a diaper bag.
No inflated pockets.

TWELVElittle Carry Love Tote

TWELVELittle Carry Love Tote

This diaper bag is made out of polyester, nylon, and leather. It comes in black, a camo print, plum wine, and more…

Some great features of this bag: water resistant, has a large main compartment that can be closed, it’s large but surprisingly lightweight, and it has a changing pad!

And even when looking at this diaper bag on the style side, you will totally fall away in love with it. It’s great for both dads and moms to travel with. And it comes with lots of color so you can pick a design.

Has many colors.
It is water resistant.
Large zippable main compartment.
It’s large but surprisingly lightweight.
Great for dads and moms!
Does not convert into a backpack.

Other great diaper bags!

Most Expensive: The Maman Nappy Diaper Bag

the maman nappy diaper bag

The Maman nappy diaper bag is one of those big diaper bags, and sometimes it’s confused for something else. It’s made from the material: thick black quilt, light brown leather, and gold hardware. It has some red in some places too.

You can’t say it’s expensive, it comes around $55! You get quality and a good price deal.

What makes this diaper bag unique is that it’s waterproof. The thick fabric is capable of keeping the water out, as Mommyhood 101 states.

So if you could not get the Skip Hop because it’s so expensive, then this is your best bet. It has 10 pockets. 2 on the sides. 2 big ones in front. And some inside and outside.

We recommend this as the best diaper bag for 2 kids, in fact, you could carry two bottles for each baby on each side!

Unfortunately we could not find a video fit for this review. Sorry 🙁

Reasonable quality and high functionality for a cheap price.
Very versatile and can be carried as a hand tote or use the shoulder strap.
It is water resistant.
Does not convert into a backpack.
Large exterior Pockets are not zipped or buttoned.

Best Organized: Soho Grand Central Diaper Bag

Soho Grand Central Diaper Bag

The Soho Grand Central Diaper Bag is a classic organization break-through. But before we get to that, let’s get to the looks of this thing.

It has a thin white and black stripe pattern and is made out of fabric. It also has brown leather and silver hardware.

It has several pockets around, but the best thing is that it also comes with 5 different pieces.

There is a bottle bag, diaper bag, changing pad, toiletries bag, and a wallet. Going to the whatsoever to change your baby’s diaper? Grab the diaper bag, heading to Walmart? Don’t forget your wallet.

This is what makes the diaper bags unique, and very little diaper bags have this ability.

With multiple pieces, you can only bring what you need with you depending on where you’re heading.

Separate pieces for convenience.
Zippered front pockets.
Could be tricky to master.
The quality is not that great.

Cheapest: HapTim Backpack Diaper Bag

haptim backpack diaper bag

The HapTim Backpack Diaper Bag has a grayish style, brown leather style, and heather gray.

It can convert from a hand-tote to a backpack, and both dad and mom can carry it. Making it the best diaper bag for dads and moms on this list.

Considering the actual features, the outside includes side baby bottle pockets and a side wipe dispenser.

One favorite pocket if you live somewhere in Spain is the hidden back pocket. It goes up against your back, decreasing the chance of getting pickpocketing.

Spain is one of the most pick-pocketed countries in the world.

But setting that aside, I bet you’ll love the substantial padding on the diaper bag, so when you carry it on your back, you’ll feel comfortable for a longer period of time.

It also has stroller straps, which you should always be careful when using, and it has a large compartment. We can’t describe everything in about this diaper bag, so here’s a quick video to watch.

Durable, Convenient, and High-Quality.
A back safety pocket for personal things.
Has lots of space.
We can’t find cons :).

Quick Buying Guide

If none of these diaper bags fit your needs, then go look for one yourself.

BUT WAIT! Here’s a list of things for you to walk away with.

  • Make sure you have some zippered pockets for things like keys or personal stuff.
  • Extra zippered pockets if you need them.
  • A large inside to fit lots of baby needs, like diapers, baby wipes, maybe big toys, and additional things.

Now that you are equipped with the tips you need, do us a favor before you leave.

Which is your favorite diaper bag, is it the Skip Hop, Soho Grand, or the Maman Nappy?

Or did none of these diaper bags fit your needs?

Let us know in the comments below. We’re happy to help our readers.

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