Best ExerSaucer (Buying Guide) for 2019.

Best Exersaucer
Best Exersaucer

Are you looking for the best exersaucer? This buying guide will help you do exactly that, and you’ll get actionable tips that will help you select an exersaucer or any kind of activity center.

Side Note: I based my article on lots of reviews and other article tips.

You can get a quick glimpse of the list by reading this exersaucer.

Best ExerSaucer Infographic

This infographic only highlights some of the tips, but more will be coming that are not in this infographic.

Top Rated ExerSaucer

Even though I and many other experts know exersaucers are great, we all know that there is never a thing called, a perfect exersaucer.

But some exersaucer are still excessively rated, one of the most top rated exersaucer is the Rainforest Jumperoo and the Oriblel Play.

Most likely an ExerSaucer with a lot or ratings is usually the best, but when you pick an exersaucer depending on your needs, it is always truly the best!

Your best exersaucer needs to be secure

No doubt about it, but safety is a huge thing to consider, its the 1st thing to consider, and if the safety level of your toy is low. The only thing that would make a mother buy the toy is if she’s not aware of the danger or she would risk her babies’s life.

Most people probably won’t go through the 2nd path, EVER, but either way, it’s much safer to beware of the danger and avoid the toy.

So lets get into the 2 tips of safety.

Your best exersaucer should have a durable frame

Safety: #1 Durable Frame of an ExerSaucer.

People who are looking for exersaucers must ensure it has a durable frame for the protection of their children.

Parts of some exersaucers like a toy have been following off which posed a serious choking hazard, although no injuries were reported. As reported by ConsumerReports LLC, a company which has been analyzing millions of baby products for years. It has also found the best exersaucer in the market.

A weak frame usually means that the exersaucer will have loose legs, and it can cause frustration and pose a falling hazard to babies. Similar things happened with 9 minor injuries, as reported by ConsumerProductSafetyCommision(CPSC.GOV).

Here is a quick way to avoid all this trouble. Read reviews or reports of your exersaucer, check for problems such as loose legs, or parts that could pose a threat in your research.

This helps to avoid all these injuries and troubles other mothers are having.

Get an exersaucer with a bottom base

Safety: Bottom Base

An ExerSaucer must have a bottom base and should not be bought without the proper safety base.

ExerSaucers without a proper bottom base have a higher potential of tilting and falling. A comment on the Gleeful Sea Exersaucer said that the bottom tray rested in slots of the legs, easy for your baby to take them out. That could pose a minor threat. This means the exersaucer does not have a proper base. Comment on Evenflo.

Another reason: When an exersaucer has a strong base, that means your baby can keep bouncing safely, which can save a few minutes for you to do other things. But don’t leave him or her there for too long though.

Here’s how you determine if your exersaucer has a good base, take a look at your exersaucer, its bottom base must be safely locked in with the legs(just like the Mega Splash), must be strong plastic and the base must be broad and wide. Preferably wider than the top.

Can your exersaucer help develop your baby?

Without a doubt, it’s important for your baby to develop from your exersaucer. Thanks, Captain Obvious, Wait, What? How do I know if my baby develops from an exersaucer? If she gets happier? Very funny!

But it’s more than fun that develops a baby, it’s toys, music, lights, more!

Age Appropriate Toys

Age Appropriate Toys

Your exersaucer must have age appropriate toys.

The first reason is babies could get exposed to toys that are too small, and this could pose a choking hazard. The second reason is that at different stages of a baby’s life, they want different toys, at some stages toys could stimulate senses, others cause babies to grow their motor-skills, and etc.

The third reason, toys that are too easy will bore your baby, toys that are too complicated will trouble your baby.

So pick a toy that is perfect for your baby or something you know your baby will enjoy.

Your best exersaucer is improving developmental skills

Developmental Skills
Developmental Skills

Some to name are motor, fine motor, hand-eye coordinate, etc… Some ways an exersaucer can improve developmental skills are music and sounds and lights. Which is included in this buyer’s guide.

Best Exersaucer Developments
Best Exersaucer Developments

There are a number of ways the best baby activity center can improve developmental skills:

  • Rotating Seat
  • Toys
  • Music
  • Lights
  • Bouncing

You want your baby to develop the skills they need to do every-day activities such as play, run, climb, and track things. Read more to learn more.

Make sure your toy includes music & lights

Best ExerSaucer: Music and Lights
Best ExerSaucer: Music and Lights

Your ExerSaucer must include music and lights.

Music develops a baby’s brain specifically in the areas of language and reading. It also develops motor skills when the baby dances to the music. Several studies from the USC and NAMM give proof to this. Light also helps your baby’s eyes to develop, as reported by

So make sure your ExerSaucer includes Music&Lights.

Get an activity center with a rotating seat

Rotating Seat
Rotating Seat

Your activity center must have a rotating seat.

A rotating seat helps your baby to get exposure to more toys, without so many toys in one place overwhelming them. For example, the Triple Fun World Explorer has lots of toys for your baby to play with, but they are all spread out in front, on the side, and the back of your baby. Your baby can play with all the toys by spinning around. But if your exersaucer does not have a rotating seat, that would be impossible.

It helps to exercise a baby’s legs, back, and neck muscles. Rocking and Bouncing also helps with this.

So ask your seller, look at descriptions of your exersaucer, or read reviews, any one of these will say if the exersaucer spins or not. That’s how easy it is to find out if your exersaucer can spin or has a rotating seat.

Your activity center needs a theme

Development: Theme: Picking an ExerSaucer
Development: Theme: Picking an ExerSaucer

The best exersaucer always has a theme, and here is why.

A theme of an exersaucer help the exersaucer to fit in with the room it is in. Although this does not actually do anything for your baby, it’s just a design issue that you might have after you buy an exersaucer. A pink exersaucer would not go nicely with a blue or yellow background.

The theme also helps a little with your babies eyes, although we don’t have any solid sources, so don’t count on this.

But even though design or theme is not important, just decide if you’re going to worry about it. If you are, then here are the steps, decide which room the exersaucer will be. Then check out your exersaucer. Decide if your exersaucer would go nice with the room. If it would, then the design is perfect. If it’s not, then it’s up to you what you’re going to do.

Your activity center can be convenient.

Detachable Toys

Best ExerSaucer Guide: Detachable Toys
Best ExerSaucer Guide: Detachable Toys

If an exersaucer has toys that are not detachable, the exersaucer should be avoided.

A toy that is small enough to get inside your baby’s mouth is dangerous. In fact, a campaign by National SAFE KIDS Campaign and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said that kids under the age of three or at a much higher risk of choking on toys since they love to put everything in their mouths. According to

A toy can be detached when the baby outgrows his exersaucer, so he/she can continue to play with the toy. One thing good about this is that you can also save money when the toys are detachable. If all the exersaucer toys are all stuck to the frame, then when the exersaucer go, all the toys go, which means having to buy more toys. But if they are detachable, only the exersaucer gets to go, and your child can continue to play.

To determine if the toys are detachable, you can either call the seller and ask that question or read the sellers description if they have one. Reviews are also a good place to look if you’re online.

A machine washable seat pad

And this will provide convenience for you, and the first tip is to get an exersaucer with a machine-washable seat pad which will provide for easy cleaning.

Your best exersaucer should have a machine washable seat pad.
Your best activity center should have a machine washable seat pad.

Get foldable/portable exersauer

Some exersaucer reviewers state that some activity centers bought are hard to fold and hard to carry to places.

And if you are continuously on the go, including this tip will be essential and vital, less, you will have a hard time traveling and moving things.

Evenflo provides instruction manulals on every single exersaucer that they have invented, along with folding and protable instructions.

Best exersaucer for small spaces

Space is a big problem for most parents with small homes. And in the middle of a room, they hurt the circulation and smoothness of traffic around the house.

Megan Ann at MyMomsBest created that could help you find activity centers for small spaces → The 7 Best Exersaucer for Small Spaces – Reviews 2019.

Now, how do you know if the exersaucer you pick is great for saving space? Easy.

Best exersaucer for small spaces
Best exersaucer for small spaces: #1st Way

Head to where you’ll purchased the exersaucer, it could be at Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. Read the description of the product, most likely, the seller will you tell if it’s great for space.

Or they might not even mention space, considering that sellers always try to keep the good stuff in front, the bad stuff, store it away privately.

Here is another way You could check, find reviews that include your exersaucer.

To find those reviews, you can google, “best exersaucer for small spaces + your exersaucer name”, or better yet, “best exersaucer + your exersaucer name”.

And when google gives a list of pages to choose from, pick any you’d like, then, search for your exersaucer.

When you find your activity toy, head to the comparsion of that toy, or the description, if they don’t say that the exersaucer saves space, or even worse, says that exersaucer is not good spaces, there is a chance your activity center might have space problem.

Make sure to try both ways, if neither of them doesn’t say that the exersaucer is good small places, you might have a problem.

If they do, then you have the best exersaucer for small spaces right in front of you.

Pick an activity center easy to assemble

This is a hard-packed top-priority tip when you just bought your exersaucer, as you might not have the ability to even assemble your exersaucer. That’ll be weird, wouldn’t it?

Just pick an activity center that is sweet, convenient, but not over-packed that only a high-ability person can assemble it.

Get an exersaucer with a comfortable seat pad

Best Exersaucer comfortable seat pad story.
Best Exersaucer comfortable seat pad story.

When I was reading a roundup of the best exersaucers, I was suprised to see that one of the exersacuers was rated with a uncomfortable seat pad.

And I thought all exersaucers had a comfortable seat pad, so this should not go on the list. But I was wrong. And a short note, there is no way to interpret this by yourself until you purchase that exersaucer.

So what can you do? Read the description the seller provides for you, it’s usually enough for the seller to at least mention that the seat is comfortable.

Your exersaucer should last a long time

Height Adjustments for your baby

Exersaucer Height Adjustments
Exersaucer Height Adjustments

If your exersaucer have poor height adjustments that just don’t grow with your baby over-time. You will quickly realize that you need a new one(totally new exersaucer).

And if you pick an exersaucer with high-and-low height adjustments, you are picking the best exersaucer for short babies too. and Long ones tool.

That’s why you make sure that your exersaucer pick has great height adjustments that can grow with your little one overtime.

So you will barely need a new one for your little child.

But now it is time for some bonuses.

Weight Limit for ExerSaucer

Some exersaucers that I have reviewed had a high weight limit of 25 pounds, while some having around 40-pound.

And the smaller the weight limit, the less you should consider that exersaucer because you will quickly have to get a new one.

The weight limit for exersaucer is super important because you want your exersaucer to last as long as possible, and when your baby is very close to outweighing the allowed weight capacity of the exersaucer, that means it is almost time to throw it away or sell it or do something with it.

So always check the weight capacity of your exersaucer, which is most likely in the description.

Bonus: The higher the age limit, the better

The longer the age limit of exersaucer reaches, the longer you get to keep your exersaucer without your baby quickly outgrowing it.

The manufacture of the exersaucer will tell you the age limit, easy.

Gotta Go Quick? Read This.

If you have almost no time to pick an exersaucer, then read this quick summary. Side Note: The tips listed below are sorted by most important to less important(but still very important).

#1 Bottom Base (Safety rule)

3 rules for picking, exersaucer on right scores all points. The other on the left does not score all points.
Rules for picking a bottom base

The best bottom base an exersaucer can have is a base that is filled, broad and wide, and does not stand on legs directly but instead, the legs stand on a base.

#2 Easy Assembly (Convenience Rule)

Screenshots of Assembly Videos on and a word that says "Easy Assembly".
Easy Assembly tip for an exersaucer

Checking if your exersaucer is easy to assemble is easy when you find an activity center you’d like to purchase, read the description.

The seller would usually say the products are easy to assemble, and another faster solution is to read reviews, if the consumer had a very hard time assembling the exersaucer, they would let the seller know in their review.

3 High Weight Limit (Long-Term Use rule)

An exersaucer need a high weight limit, and height adjustments.
An exersaucer need a high weight limit, and height adjustments.

When your exersaucer has a high weight limit, this ups the chances of your exersaucer being able to be used longer. Sometimes your baby might even be too big for your exersaucer.

Top Priorities

  • #1 Bottom base (Safety rule)
  • #2 Easy Assembly (Convenience Rule)
  • #3 High Weight Limit (Long-Term Use rule)
  • #4 Foldable/Portable design (Convenience Rule)
  • #5 Improving Developmental Skills (Development Rule)

So did you found this buyer guide helpful? If so, let me know in the comments. And also let me know what other helpful buyer guides will be helpful for you(and you’ll get a quick email back).

This email will be sent to you approximately within 12-hours as fast as possible, so you can get life moving. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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