February 10, 2019
Best Exersaucer
Best Exersaucer

Are you looking for a reliable activity center? What makes an activity center, or should I say, the best exersaucer reliable. The 4 most-basic categories, Safety, Development, Convenience, and Long Use, are key priorities.

And if you ignore this guide, you could end up regretting what happens next. This guide is unique from the other guide, and we have proof.

Every activity center guide I read, they have this big problem, they never teach how to DIY pick an exersaucer, and even if they do, which I see mostly at the bottom, their tips are not very specific, and they don’t have much to say.

So I wanted this guide to be different, I’ll show DIY pick the best exersaucer, and I go through 17 TIPS! Most go with 3 or 6, which is obviously not a lot.

And my tips are specific! The only Con here is that I never actually recommend an ExerSaucer, which a lot of others do, so…

Let’s get straight into it!

Your best exersaucer needs to be secure

It’s no secret that security for any toy is important, but it is super important for exersaucer, especially when parents look upon them as safer than walkers.

And imagine how a parent would be if their exersaucer had the exact same security and safety problems as their walkers, another reason, safer than a walker or not, every toy you get should be safe.

So let’s get straight into the list of how to make sure your exersaucer is safe and secure.

Your best exersaucer should have a durable frame

Most buying guides don’t explain what an exersaucer frame is, and because I was reading their guides to create this guide, I was lost.

Literally, I thought the frame was the surface that holds the toys, the seat, you know what I mean.

Then I thought it was some kind of little something in the exersaucer, does not matter really.

But I put my brain into work and came up to know what the frame of an exersaucer is. And when you hear people saying, your exersaucer needs a durable frame, they are talking about the structure. (Read Image Below).

The frame of the Mega Splash ExerSaucer(Seat is not part of the frame), All exersaucer's frame look liek this.
Mega Splash ExerSaucer Frame

You really end up the frame when you remove all the toys and seat out. Now here are some ways to make sure your exersaucer has a sturdy frame.

If your searching online, Do This:

For those on the internet, read the description of the exersaucer, the manufacturer would usually tell you that the activity center has a sturdy frame.

What about when the manufacturer or the seller does not say that, that does not mean the frame is not sturdy, so we will have to search some more.

  • First, Open up Google Search
  • Second, Type in, “best exersaucer”, Don’t hit Enter! Yet
  • Third, Type in name of your exersaucer, Don’t hit enter! Yet
  • Fourth, Type in front, “+ sturdy frame” and Hit Enter!
  • Fifth, Click on one of the articles.
  • Sixth, Find your exersaucer and read this description if it says, this product is durable.

And Just like that, you know your exersaucer is durable.

If you are shopping at a local shop, Do This:

Try banging on your exersaucer top, and let your senses tell you if the frame is sturdy or not.

Pretty Easy Right?

Get an exersaucer with a bottom base

There is a big difference between unreliable bottom bases and reliable bottom bases.

Get an exersaucer with a bottom base
Get an exersaucer with a bottom base

As you can see in the image, the exersaucer on the left side is clearly scary, I mean look at it! That looks like something, that would definitely let your baby down, Literally, Down Fall.

So your exersaucer must have a wide broad bottom base, Kinda like the one on the right of the image.

And checking is very simple, just look at your exersaucer, if it’s like the one on the left, it has an unreliable bottom base, if it’s like the one on the right, or like the Evenflo ExerSaucer, Mega Splash, Triple Fun, or the Sweet Tea Party.

Side Note: the bottom base tip should be one of your top priorities.

Detachable too-small toys

If the exersaucer you choose to buy have toys that could fit in your baby’s mouth, make sure they are detachable.

This tip relies on the “removable toys” tip which is further down. This tip should also be one of your top priorities lists when picking your exersaucer or any kind activity center whatsoever.

Your baby should develop from your exersaucer

Without a doubt, it’s important for your baby to develop from your exersaucer. Thanks, Captain Obvious, Wait, What? How do I know if my baby develops from an exersaucer? If she gets happier? Very funny!

But it’s more than fun that develops a baby, it’s toys, music, lights, more!

Age Appropriate Toys

You should try to pick the best age-appropriate toys for your babies. A toy that’s for 4 months old kids will develop a baby way better than a toy that is for 6yr old kids. Here is a short article on age-appropriate toys from Parents Magazine.

Toys are one of the main ways baby develop in an exersaucer, so they must be age-appropriate, and easy for babies to play with. And they make them the best exersaucer for babies.

HAZARD WARNING: Toys are fun to play with, but watch out! Toys can’t be too small or they can choke your baby. (if they are detachable).

Your best exersaucer is improving developmental skills

Some to name are motor, fine motor, hand-eye coordinate, etc… Some ways an exersaucer can improve developmental skills are music and sounds and lights. Which is included in this buyer’s guide.

Best Exersaucer Developments
Best Exersaucer Developments

There are a number of ways the best activity center for you can improve developmental skills:

  • Rotating Seat
  • Toys
  • Music
  • Lights
  • Bouncing

Make sure your toy includes music & lights

This is an important part of baby development. Music helps babies develop and eventually get their fine-motor and gross-motor skills.

And an article from playgroupnsw.org.au stated that music helps the baby to start moving and following the rhythm. So having music being played basically means that your baby will start dancing and following the rhythm.

And as for light, it helps develop your baby, here is a rundown on how the baby’s eye develops.

Get an activity center with a rotating seat

Now a rotating seat have nothing to do with developing a baby. NOTHING.

But actually, your baby can spin around, which means toys can be everywhere in the exersaucer, even in the back. Then when your baby gets bored with the toys on the front, just spin her around and she will play if the other toys on the other side.

So a rotating seat will develop your baby, not directly but indirectly.

Your activity center needs a theme

For the sake of design, it is necessary to get an activity center with a theme. You can make your exersaucer match your room, or the room the exersaucer will be in.

If your room has a theme of blue or beach? you can find an exersaucer that has the same theme, blue or beach.

Your activity center can be convenient.

A machine washable seat pad

And this will provide convenience for you, and the first tip is to get an exersaucer with a machine-washable seat pad which will provide for easy cleaning.

Your best exersaucer should have a machine washable seat pad.
Your best activity center should have a machine washable seat pad.

Get foldable/portable exersauer

Some exersaucer reviewers state that some activity centers bought are hard to fold and hard to carry to places.

And if you are continuously on the go, including this tip will be essential and vital, less, you will have a hard time traveling and moving things.

Best exersaucer for small spaces

Space is a big problem for most parents with small homes. And in the middle of a room, the hurt the circulation and smoothness of traffic around the house.

Now, how do you know if the exersaucer you pick is great for saving space? Easy.

Best exersaucer for small spaces
Best exersaucer for small spaces: #1st Way

Head to where you’ll purchased the exersaucer, it could be at Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. Read the description of the product, most likely, the seller will you tell if it’s great for space.

Or they might not even mention space, considering that sellers always try to keep the good stuff in front, the bad stuff, store it away privately.

Here is another way You could check, find reviews that include your exersaucer.

To find those reviews, you can google, “best exersaucer for small spaces + your exersaucer name”, or better yet, “best exersaucer + your exersaucer name”.

And when google gives a list of pages to choose from, pick any you’d like, then, search for your exersaucer.

When you find your activity toy, head to the comparsion of that toy, or the description, if they don’t say that the exersaucer saves space, or even worse, says that exersaucer is not good spaces, there is a chance your activity center might have space problem.

Make sure to try both ways, if neither of them doesn’t say that the exersaucer is good small places, you might have a problem.

If they do, then you have the best exersaucer for small spaces right in front of you.

Pick an activity center easy to assemble

This is a hard-packed top-priority tip when you just bought your exersaucer, as you might not have the ability to even assemble your exersaucer. That’ll be weird, wouldn’t it?

Just pick an activity center that is sweet, convenient, but not over-packed that only a high-ability person can assemble it.

Get an exersaucer with a comfortable seat pad

Best Exersaucer comfortable seat pad story.
Best Exersaucer comfortable seat pad story.

When I was reading a roundup of the best exersaucers, I was suprised to see that one of the exersacuers was rated with a uncomfortable seat pad.

And I thought all exersaucers had a comfortable seat pad, so this should not go on the list. But I was wrong. And a short note, there is no way to interpret this by yourself until you purchase that exersaucer.

So what can you do? Read the description the seller provides for you, it’s usually enough for the seller to at least mention that the seat is comfortable.

Best Exersaucer Myth: Removable toys

One thing for sure, having removable toys is a good thing, nah, maybe not. But you may have heard about this, probably the most POPULAR exersaucer pick myth.

Make sure you exersaucer supports removable toys, but it makes no since?

Ah, It makes nos since, if you got a ROTATING SEAT(Did not read That, well go back up and read).

People say you need this feature so that your baby does not get overwhelmed with toys, now this is necessary, but not much if you got a rotating seat.

The only reason your best exersaucer should have this toy feature is that the toys are not well distributed among the surface of the exersaucer.

Your exersaucer should last long time

Height Adjustments for your baby

Exersaucer Height Adjustments
Exersaucer Height Adjustments

If your exersaucer have poor height adjustments that just don’t grow with your baby over-time. You will quickly realize that you need a new one(totally new exersaucer).

And if you pick an exersaucer with high-and-low height adjustments, you are picking the best exersaucer for short babies too. and Long ones tool.

That’s why you make sure that your exersaucer pick has great height adjustments that can grow with your little one overtime.

So you will barely need a new one for your little child.

Bonus: High Weight Limit

Some exersaucers that I have reviewed had a high weight limit of 25 pounds, while some having around 40-pound.

And the smaller the weight limit, the less you should consider that exersaucer because you will quickly have to get a new one.

Bonus: The higher the age limit, the better

The longer the age limit of exersaucer reaches, the longer you get to keep your exersaucer without your baby quickly outgrowing it.

The manufacture of the exersaucer will tell you the age limit, easy.

Top Priorities and Overview

So here are the top priorties that you should check when picking an exersaucer:

  • #1 Bottom base (Safety rule)
  • #2 Easy Assembly (Convenience Rule)
  • #3 High Weight Limit (Long-Term Use rule)
  • #4 Foldable/Portable design (Convenience Rule)
  • #5 Improving Developmental Skills (Development Rule)

So did you found this buyer guide helpful? If so, let me know in the comments. And also let me know what other helpful buyer guides will be helpful for you(and you’ll get a quick email back).

This email will be sent to you approximately within 12-hours as fast as possible, so you can get life moving. Enjoy the rest of your day.


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